Animated Silicon Outdoor Dinosaur Statues Amusement Park Equipment



1 ) Specification/ Products Details

Brand Haichuan Dinosaur Landscape
Product name animatronic dinosaur
Power 110/220V, AC, 200-800W
Control Systems Infrared sensor / remote control
Color Gray, white, black, etc.or customized
Size 3-4 meters or customized
Certificate CE, RoHs, NOA

1. Controller box

2. The power cord

3. Infrared sensor

4. The remote control

5. Maintenance materials

6. The speaker


1. Mouth open and close with synchronized sound

2. Eyes blink

3. Head moving left to right
4. Neck moving up and down

5. Body moving up and down

6. Abdominal breathing

7. Tail swaying

8.Forelimbs moving



1.Temperature: adapt to a temperature of -40℃ to 40 ℃.

2.Waterproof & weatherproof



core advantages:

1. Professional production experience

As a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in production simulation products, Haichuan Dinosaur Landscape‘s annual simulation of dinosaur production exceeds 500, and it has a strong production advantage in the entire simulation product industry, and is among the best in the industry.


2. Professional technicians

Haichuan Dinosaur Landscape’s technicians have many years of experience in the production of simulation products. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the training of technicians, and invests a certain percentage of funds in the development of technology every year. This is our important quality assurance team


3. Strict product quality control

Quality assurance is one of the important cornerstones of Haichuan Dinosaur Landscape’s rapid development over the years. When each step of production is completed, we will perform a corresponding quality test. Moreover, all dinosaurs will be tested continuously for at least 48 hours.


4. Professionally trained sales & after-sales service groups

After more than a decade of export experience, Haichuan Dinosaur Landscape has exported more than 500 dinosaurs to more than 30 countries. Customers often visit our factory, most of them will place orders in our company after visiting our factory because of their high cost performance.


Packaging and shipping :


Packing Soft package is the normal ways , other ways are customizable .
Shipping Shenzhen , Chongqing , Shanghai , Qingdao , Guangzhou , etc . Land , air , sea transport and international multinational transport are accepted .
Clearance We have rich experienc in exporting animatronic dinosaurs , such as Europe , South Africa , East and South Asia , Australia , North America , South America , and so on .

Animated Silicon Outdoor Dinosaur Statues Amusement Park EquipmentAnimated Silicon Outdoor Dinosaur Statues Amusement Park EquipmentAnimated Silicon Outdoor Dinosaur Statues Amusement Park Equipment


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